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Hinane: Behind An Indigo Veil

Hinane is a historical action adventure set in the 5th century, based on the legend of Tin Hinan, the remarkable woman who founded the Tuareg nation in Northern Africa.

Beautiful, tall, powerful and mysterious, as a young and robust warrior, but inexperienced in all else, she flees from a certain death, venturing from Tafilalt oasis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, to Ahaggar mountain in modern day Algeria, struggling to find acceptance in her new home.

With determination and courage she advances to be the first and most famous queen (Tamenokalt) of the Tuaregs, a spiritual leader and irresistible matriarch, combining honour with authority and conviction.

As queen she establishes a kingdom in the Ahaggar mountain of Algeria. Even though with much interference, she still manages to unite the Tuareg nation with a legacy so great that even today, 1560 years later, the two million Tuaregs (blue people of the desert) still call her ‘Mother of Us All’.

This book is based on legendary facts of queen Tin Hinan as orally handed down through many generations by the Tuareg tribes of Northern Africa weaved through works of fiction.

Today, festivals in Algeria are still arranged in her honour.